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How Often Should Furnace Be Serviced?

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Keeping your home comfortable year-round requires a fully functioning HVAC system that maintains ideal temperatures. As the reds and yellows of fall turn into the blues of winter, your furnace needs to perform at peak performance to keep you and your loved ones warm. That’s why regular maintenance is essential.

But how often should a furnace be serviced and how do you know when it’s time to call in a professional?

As an experienced furnace maintenance provider in South Brunswick, we are well versed in the complex inner workings of a standard HVAC system and how to extend the life of your system. In this article, you’ll learn how often you should call a professional to service your furnace and the benefits of routine maintenance.

When Is the Best Time to Get Furnace Be Serviced?

In general, you should have your furnace serviced by an HVAC professional at least once a year, but twice a year is more optimal. Assuming your furnace doesn’t have any problems, it’s best to schedule professional HVAC maintenance services in the fall before winter and in the spring before summer.Should Furnace

HVAC experts recommend this maintenance schedule because winter and summer tend to experience the most extreme temperatures and weather conditions. This means you’ll definitely want to keep your furnace running to keep you cool or warm depending on the season.

However, the maintenance needs of your furnace also depend on the type of furnace. Oil and gas furnaces are made up of different components that require different types of cleaning and maintenance.

For example, since gas tends to burn cleaner than oil, homeowners can usually clean the air filters themselves about once a month. On the other hand, those with an oil heater will need to change filters more frequently as deposits tend to appear more quickly and untreated deposits on a dirty filter can damage the system and pose a fire risk.

If you have an older furnace in your home, it is usually safer to carry out maintenance more frequently. Furnaces that are 10 years old and older must have at least one inspection per year to avoid problems in the system.

Regular Maintenance Could Save You Money And Your Life

Without regular repairs and inspections, your furnace may have to work harder, putting strain on the equipment inside and reducing energy efficiency. As a result, you could incur higher energy bills, not to mention the future costs if your furnace shuts off.

If your furnace suddenly stops working, you may not be able to heat or cool your home when you need it most. Worse, undetected damage like a cracked heat exchanger can lead to a carbon monoxide leak and pose a significant threat to your health and safety.

Carbon monoxide can cause symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and headaches. In the worst case, it can lead to death. Approximately 500 people die each year as a result of carbon monoxide exposure and another 15,000 end up in the emergency room due to this exposure.

These statistics remind us that regular maintenance is crucial. If you believe your furnace is having problems or it has been a while since you have scheduled an inspection, please contact your local HVAC professional for a thorough furnace inspection.

What Are the Steps of Furnace Maintenance?

If you’re wondering, “How often should a furnace be serviced?” » You may also be curious about what furnace maintenance services include. The exact services you receive will depend on whether or not your furnace was damaged. However, the typical furnace maintenance process is as follows:

  • Your chosen HVAC professional will check the thermostat settings to ensure that your system is running correctly. 
  • They’ll also inspect all electrical connections and test the voltage. This step ensures that none of the internal components are at risk of failing.
  • They may remove and replace filters and check for any blockages or clogging in the drainage system.
  • Your technician will ensure that the heat exchanger is intact and not rusting.
  • Finally, they’ll make sure to lubricate all the moving parts in the system to keep them fully operational.

An additional benefit of regular maintenance is that it allows time to take advantage of warranties. If a component or part of your furnace turns out to be broken, your HVAC technician can tell you whether or not your warranty is still valid. Going without maintenance for too long may void your warranty.

How to Maintain A Furnace

Several aspects of preventative and repair furnace maintenance require a professional eye. However, you can extend the life of your device and keep it in good condition by regularly performing the following tasks:

  • Cleaning and changing the filters
  • Keeping the vents clean and clear
  • Testing your thermostat
  • Scheduling regular inspections

Clean Your Furnace Air Filters

No matter what type of furnace you have, whether it uses disposable or reusable filters, cleaning and changing filters regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your system running smoothly. It’s a task that some owners tend to neglect and prioritize over other household tasks. However, neglecting to clean the filters can have disastrous consequences for your furnace.

Filters prevent dirt and debris from clogging the system. When a lot of debris builds up in the filters, the furnace requires more mechanical effort to maintain airflow. As mentioned above, this reduces the efficiency of your furnace and increases energy costs.

In addition to improving system functionality, keeping air filters clean also improves your home’s indoor air quality. Clean indoor air is good for everyone, but particularly pleasant for allergy sufferers.

How often should a furnace be serviced in this way? In general, it’s best to clean or change your air filters once a month. You should check them for buildup at least once a month, especially during the colder months when your furnace runs regularly.

Keep the Vents Clean

Keeping the furnace and vents clean is also important in maintaining your system. Avoid placing items too close to the furnace to prevent furniture, storage containers, and other items from obstructing air circulation or posing a fire hazard. Likewise, it is best not to place furniture in front of vents.

To clean your vents, you can use a standard scrub brush and the hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Be careful when cleaning dust from the furnace yourself and be sure to turn off the circuit breaker that powers the furnace before you begin cleaning. If you find that any component of the device is rusted, cracked, or damaged, consider contacting a professional for help.

Test Your Thermostat

Try setting your thermostat to a higher temperature than outside before it gets cold. If the heater turns on, your system is probably working properly. However, it’s worth waiting to see if the internal temperature actually reaches the temperature you selected.

Schedule Your Regular Inspections

With other tasks taking center stage, it can be easy to neglect routine furnace maintenance. However, if regular inspections are not scheduled, the repair could become significantly more expensive. You can avoid these additional costs by inspecting your system annually.

Likewise, an experienced HVAC technician can check for damage or problems that you may not be aware of and perform maintenance with minimal safety risk.

What to Look for When Hiring an Local HVAC Expert

HVAC equipment cools and heats your home using several complex components that require expertise and experience to repair and replace. When looking for an HVAC technician to service your furnace, you should choose a reputable company with contractors who can provide expert solutions to your problems.

Make sure the company you choose is bonded, insured and licensed. Search for reviews online to read reviews from previous customers, or ask if anyone you know has worked with them in the past.

Superior Furnace Care With Carrano Air!

Regularly checking air filters, keeping vents clear, and scheduling an annual inspection of your furnace will keep your unit running longer. The proper functioning of your device is vital to your safety, comfort and convenience, not to mention cost savings.

At Carrano Air HVAC Contractors Inc., our experienced HVAC technicians have years of experience in the industry, with quality workmanship and extensive HVAC knowledge to prove it. Our team can thoroughly inspect your furnace for damage and carry out any necessary maintenance with ease.

If you’re wondering, “How often should a furnace be serviced?” Or if you’re wondering if your unit needs repairs, trust our highly trained technicians to answer all of your HVAC-related questions and identify any problems you may be having. By combining our technical capabilities with excellent customer service, we provide customers in South Brunswick and surrounding areas maintenance services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For emergency furnace assistance or complete repairs, call our Carrano Air HVAC Contractors Inc. team at 732-329-3784 today!

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