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How long does a Furnace Filter Last?

How Long Does A Furnace Filter Last?

Homeowners know they need to change their furnace filter from time to time, but few understand what they do or why. Filtration is an essential part of keeping the furnace system in good condition and in good working order. The filter lasts between one and twelve months. Here’s what homeowners need to know about furnace filters.

Why is it Filtered?

Your coffee infuser or tea bag prevents loose coffee grounds or tea from getting into your water. It’s the same with the furnace . It catches dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke and more before it clogs the machines in the furnace .

Can a Furnace be Operated without a filter?

no If this were the case, the air returning to the furnace  would carry all the dust, dirt and grime into the unit with it. It would settle on the coils. The coils then couldn’t cool or heat the air underneath all the dirt. Your furnace  would work efficiently without heating or cooling. Your electric bill would skyrocket. Also, all of these particles would be in the air you breathe, which is bad air quality that can also lead to health problems.

How they help Pet owners, allergy Sufferers and others

HVAC users have the advantage over homeowners who don’t. HVAC units capture pet dander, allergens, airborne chemicals from lit candles, steam and smoke from cooking, and other airborne chemicals and contaminants. The result is clean air. People with asthma, allergies, and COPD may not need to use their inhalers or take their allergy medication as often, or experience asthma attacks.

How long does a Furnace Filter Last?

How often should an HVAC filter be replaced?

You don’t have to be an HVAC pro to change the filter. There are two: one is in the heat exchanger of a closet or in the basement, and the other is the outlet on the wall in a hallway. We even saw sockets on the floor. The filters are generally the same size and some come in packs of three. Just replace the dirty one with a clean one every few months depending on whether you have pets, smoke indoors, light candles, etc.

Filters are of different types. HEPA units are the most popular and capture 99% of the particles in the air. Pleated filters are popular next and catch more in their pleats than unpleasant ones. Both are slightly more expensive than fiberglass filters, which are quite cheap. The last is electrostatic, which uses an electric charge to attract dirt. They are washable and somewhat permanent. Finer filters should be changed after one to three months. The thicker ones should be changed between nine and twelve months.

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