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Does Your Old Air Conditioner Is Safe To Use?

Dangers of Old Air Conditioners


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Many New Jersey residents rely on air conditioning to keep them comfortable during the summer. It’s easy to take these devices for granted, leading to a lack of regular maintenance and the use of old, outdated equipment.

If you have an old air conditioner in your home, you might be tempted to turn it on to avoid sweltering indoor temperatures. But is it recommended? A drop in performance is not the only problem that can occur with an old air conditioner. Carrano Air HVAC Contractors Inc., Dayton’s air conditioner repair expert, explains the potential dangers of older air conditioners.

Common Problems Caused by Old Air Conditioners

Old Air Conditioner

Reduced Energy Efficiency

One of the most common problems with outdated air conditioners is reduced performance and energy efficiency. Older devices tend to have worn or damaged components. The system will use more power to produce the desired output.

New air conditioners are more energy efficient and do not require recurring repairs.

Frequent Breakdowns

Preventive maintenance such as annual maintenance, coil cleaning and air filter replacement will keep air conditioners running smoothly for up to 20 years. However, these devices will not last forever. Poorly maintained units fail faster.

A professional air conditioning repair will improve the performance of your refrigerator, but repairs are not always the best solution. If the system needs constant repairs, you’ll spend more money fixing the problems than replacing it with a newer model.

Fire Risks

Obsolete electrical wiring is a problem with older air conditioners. Worn, frayed, loosely connected, and damaged cords can cause electrical fires. Because many of the electrical components in an HVAC system are hidden, you may not realize that they pose a serious fire hazard every time you turn on the air conditioner.

The best way to ensure your refrigeration equipment is not a fire hazard is to schedule routine HVAC inspections. Inspections are an essential part of overall air conditioning and fire safety maintenance. If the wiring issues are severe, your HVAC technician may recommend replacing the unit rather than repairing the wiring.

Skin Irritation

Air conditioners help regulate indoor humidity. Because the refrigerant in the cooling system absorbs heat from the indoor air, it also attracts moisture.

An old air conditioner that absorbs too much moisture from the air can also dry out your skin. The problem doesn’t arise overnight; Due to the low humidity indoors, it takes time for your skin to dry out. If the humidity in your home is below the ideal minimum of 30% and you are using an old air conditioner, you will likely need to apply moisturizer frequently to prevent skin irritation.

Volatile Chemical Exposure

It’s not uncommon for older air conditioners to use harmful chemicals to aid in the heat transfer that cools the room air.

Freon, for example, has been a popular refrigerant for years. However, this chemical releases chlorine atoms when released into the environment and exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The chlorine atoms set off a chain reaction that depletes the earth’s ozone layer.

Freon and other ozone-depleting refrigerants have been phased out since 2020, but some older air conditioner models still use them. If your air conditioner uses these dangerous chemicals, it’s best to replace it with a modern model that doesn’t use chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Bacteria Growth

Air conditioners can be a breeding ground for harmful germs and fungi. Mold and bacteria thrive in humid environments with food sources such as dust.

Suppose your air conditioner is old and not regularly maintained. It could provide the perfect temperature, humidity, and nutrients for destructive particles to thrive and circulate in your home’s indoor air.

Respiratory Issues

Prolonged exposure to mold spores and other microorganisms that grow in your old air conditioner and travel through the ductwork can trigger breathing problems. For instance, Legionnaire’s Disease is a lung infection caused by the Legionella bacteria. You can often find it in buildings with water-cooled air conditioners. 

Your home likely doesn’t use a water-cooled AC unit. However, an old air conditioner full of dirt, germs, mold spores, and other allergens will circulate the particles and trigger respiratory problems. 

Can You Use Air Conditioning Units After a Long Period?

If you’re moving into a new house with an old air conditioner, or you haven’t used the air conditioner in your current home for more than six months, you may be wondering if you can use it. Most people don’t need to use their air conditioner in winter or in spring and fall.

Since cold weather is expected to be off for several months, turning them on again after a while is usually not a problem.

If the equipment is in poor condition, near the end of its useful life, or has a heavy build-up of dirt and debris, the system may require professional maintenance prior to use. If you’re unsure about the condition of your air conditioner, follow these steps before turning it on for the summer:

  • Check the outdoor unit: The outdoor compressor needs at least 60 cm of free space on all sides for optimal air circulation. Inspect the unit and remove weeds, leaves, and other debris that may restrict airflow.
  • Turn on the AC fan: It is possible to prevent dust accumulation in your air conditioner. Let it run in fan mode for about ten minutes before switching to cooling mode.
  • Schedule a Professional Service: It’s best to have your HVAC system professionally serviced at least once a year to ensure it’s ready for the upcoming summer and winter seasons.

Stay Cool Indoors with the Help of Carrano Air HVAC Contractors Inc.

Instead of putting your home and health at risk by using an old air conditioner, contact Carrano Air HVAC Contractors Inc. for air conditioning replacement and installation services. Our licensed technicians have years of experience and training, providing complete HVAC services throughout South Brunswick, NJ. We can help you identify the signs of a bad air compressor, when to get your air conditioner repaired, and how to make your cooling system more energy efficient.

Call Carrano Air HVAC Contractors Inc. in Dayton, NJ for a free quote at (732) 329-3784.


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