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AC INstallation & REplacement

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Dayton, New Jersey

Now that it’s time to replace your AC, you need to choose the best contractor. Right here, your quest is over. How do we know Carrano Air is the BEST AC replacement firm in Dayton, New Jersey? Customers and trade associations alike commend us for our excellent services. Our trophy case is overflowing with honors for our outstanding customer service, and we have hundreds of 5-star reviews from consumers. This reputation wasn’t developed quickly. We have been providing top-notch air conditioner installation services for more than 40 years, one day at a time.


It might be stressful to make an air conditioner purchase. For the next 10 years or more, your air conditioner will provide comfort for your house. You might as well be flying blind if you don’t understand how air conditioning systems work.

Anybody can get anxious about making the best choice on such a significant investment. Education of our clients is a priority at Carrano Air. In selecting the ideal air conditioner for your house, we want to make sure you are entirely confident. Because of this, we think that you, the homeowner, should be the first to be involved in any air conditioner installation.

Every AC replacement consultation begins with a brief review of your needs. We understand that you need an economical replacement air conditioner right away if your present one is broken. However, it’s crucial to think about how comfortable your family is and what aspects of your existing system aren’t functioning. We will start by asking the following questions.

  • Have you recently completed any significant renovations?
  • Do you have any immediate plans to remodel or finish up any vacant spaces?
  • Your house may have hot or cold spots.
    Is humidity a problem indoors?
  • Are allergies a problem for anyone?
  • Have you thought of zoning your house?
  • Are you interested in updating your thermostat or do you have smart home technology?
  • Would you wish to minimize HVAC noise in any particular rooms in your house?

For your new air conditioning system, we’ll provide you a quote. We’ll communicate with you throughout the installation process after you’ve scheduled it. What to anticipate from a Carrano Air AC installation is listed below.


In general, you should start thinking about acquiring a new air conditioner if yours is more than 10 years old. The lifespan of your system may be extended, though, with regular maintenance. There are, however, a few other warning indications and symptoms that your air conditioner is deteriorating and has to be changed out for a new one.

Signs that it’s time to replace your AC include: 

    • Insufficient airflow
    • Lack of cool air
    • Strange sounds
    • Increased energy bills
    • Recurring breakdowns

If you notice any of these symptoms, then it is time to call in a professional AC replacement company, such as Carrano Air Heating & Air Conditioning to inspect your system and provide a replacement solution.


In addition to the comfort gains you’ll experience in your home, installing a new residential air conditioning system has other advantages.

Additional benefits of Dayton AC replacement include:

  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Higher home resale value

When it comes to professional AC replacement and installation–Carrano Air is the team to call!


You probably aren’t familiar with all of the air conditioning terms or components unless you’re an expert on them. Don’t be concerned if you think your HVAC contractor is speaking in a foreign language. We’ll make sure to go over every aspect with you until you feel at ease.

You could need to buy just one component of an AC system for an air conditioner installation, or you might have all the parts already. The air conditioning system’s components must all be understood, therefore. The following are the key elements and terms you need to be familiar with:

Evaporator Coil – The inside portion of your air conditioner is known as the evaporator coil, commonly referred to as the evaporator or indoor coil. Nearly all residences in Dayton, New Jersey have a furnace and an evaporator coil. Or, in the event that there is no furnace, an air handler will have an evaporator coil. The very cold refrigerant passes through the evaporator coil. A component known as an expansion valve is also included in evaporator coils. The expansion valve maintains the proper cold temperatures for your coil.

Condensing Unit -The condensing unit, also known as a condenser, an outdoor unit, or just an air conditioner, is the large metal box that is located outside of your house. The condensing unit increases system pressure and aids in refrigerant cooling. A coil, a fan, and a compressor are some of the parts of the condensing unit that aid in this. While the compressor helps create pressure, the coil and fan aid in cooling the refrigerant.

Other Component in Air Conditioning System – Condenser units and evaporator coils are the main portions of your air conditioning system, but there are additional important components that you shouldn’t ignore:

  • Refrigerant piping connects the evaporator coil and condensing unit.
    air ductwork that circulates around your house.
  • Blower, often known as an interior fan, that promotes airflow via the ductwork. Usually, an air handler or furnace houses the interior fan.
  • Thermostat that controls the blower and condensing unit by turning them on and off.


Here are a few things to consider when you’re ready to replace an AC:

  • Installer – For a new air conditioner to run well over the long term, clean craftsmanship is crucial. Poor installation might result in unneeded maintenance and poor performance. Poor installation work cannot be made up for with the best equipment. Select a trustworthy HVAC installer to install your machinery. Consult our checklist before selecting a contractor.
  • Features – The cooling business has seen a lot of innovation, and modern air conditioners are much more capable. Do you want a high-efficiency appliance? What about the zoning systems in your house? Another possibility is that the noise from your present air conditioner keeps you up at night. There are several different air conditioner products available from Carrano Air. Thus, we can assist you in locating an AC that suits YOUR demands.
  • Consider a heat pump. – Air conditioners are equipment that simply provides cooling. However, are you familiar with heat pumps? A hybrid device that offers both cooling and warmth is a heat pump. Due to the mild winters in Los Angeles, heat pumps are perfect for residential settings. If you’ve ever thought about heating your house, a heat pump is a terrific method to improve comfort without incurring significant additional costs.
  • What significance do you place on a brand’s name? Leading provider of HVAC systems, Carrier, provides top-of-the-line equipment through Carrano Air. Millions of people worldwide rely on Carrier’s leadership and knowledge for their homes.
  • Budget: Take into account how much you can afford to spend on your air conditioner installation. It may cost you thousands of dollars, depending on how big your project is. For our NJ consumers, financing is fortunately available from Carrran Air, making it easier to spread out the expense of your AC installation into manageable monthly installments.


You are well aware of the expenditures involved in making improvements to your property as a homeowner. We at Carrano Air HVAC Contractors, LLC are committed to giving you financing alternatives that meet your budget because of this. With our several alternatives, you may enjoy the comfort you deserve without going over budget!

You may purchase a new cooling system that is energy efficient with 0% interest if your credit is accepted! Visit our finance website or give us a call to find out more about our purchasing alternatives.


After a hard day at work, we comprehend that you prefer spending time with your loved ones. But when your air conditioner malfunctions, it can rapidly ruin your evening and create stress and discomfort in your home. Because of this, we have technicians and customer support agents available on call and ready to assist you.

Don’t wait any longer! Call Carrano Air now at 732-329-3784 to get your AC up and running again.

Carrano Air proudly services the Greater New Jersey area, including:

South Brunswick Township
    • Dayton
    • Kendall Park
    • Monmouth Junction
    • Kingston
    • and Surrounding Areas

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