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In the hot summer months, every home in New Jersey needs a functioning AC for comfort. And, even with proper use and maintenance, your AC may require repair once in a while to keep it functioning optimally. Knowing the signs your AC has an issue can prevent failure and prolong your unit’s lifespan because you identify issues early before they cause significant damage.

Check your AC periodically to identify the following signs you need to call a local AC Repair contractor in Princeton NJ.

1. Unpleasant Odors

Your AC should improve indoor air quality. As such, any unusual and unpleasant odors indicate an issue that requires repair. The most common causes of AC odors are electric issues and mold infestation. A burning smell may signal an issue with the electric wiring or insulation.

If you notice a musty smell from your unit, the most likely culprit is mold. An AC intensifies the mold issue by spreading mold spores throughout your home. Mold can be problematic and compromise your family’s health as well as damage your home.

2. Spike in Utility Bills

While it is normal for utility bills to rise in the hot summer months due to frequent cooling, a drastic increase is not normal. When you notice a significant rise with no apparent reason, check your AC. One main cause of high energy bills is the decreasing efficiency of your unit. Also, it could indicate a problem with the ductwork or thermostat.

3. Uneven Cooling

At times, some rooms in your home may feel colder or warmer than the rest. If you notice this temperature fluctuation, your AC may lack the capacity to cool your home evenly. Maybe the unit is too small for your home and is straining to maintain consistent temperatures. When buying an AC, you should choose the right size to cool your home effectively.

4. Blowing Warm Air

Typically, your AC’s vents should produce cold air to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. However, if they are blowing warm air, something is wrong, and an HVAC professional should check it. The culprit could be the compressor not cooling air well. Perhaps your unit is running low on refrigerant, or you have a duct problem.

5. Loud Noises

A loud AC signals several issues. Among them include a faulty compressor, an obstructed fan, an electrical problem, a refrigerant leak, or condenser issues. It may also indicate debris or dust clogging the AC or the motor requiring lubrication. Although you may not know which of these issues is causing the loud noises, an HVAC professional can help.

6. Malfunctioning Thermostat

The thermostat is the brain of your AC and controls all other components. If your AC doesn’t start, the problem may be the thermostat. Excessive cycling may also mean your thermostat is not functioning correctly. An HVAC specialist will examine the thermostat to identify any issues. They then may recommend repairing or replacing it.

7. High Humidity Levels

One of the roles of an AC is to reduce the moisture level in your home. If your home feels more humid than usual, do not ignore it. The prominent causes of increased humidity levels include a blocked condenser line or clogged air filter.

An AC is a huge investment to keep you and your family comfortable and healthy. Watching out for the signs listed above can help catch issues early before they result in expensive repairs or replacement. Call Carrano Air HVAC Contractors, Inc, in New Jersey for AC repair and routine maintenance. We’ll ensure your AC runs smoothly and you can enjoy cool temperatures from the comfort of your home.

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